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Signatures for Give Jessica A Chance

ID First Name Last Name Comments Medical Insurance Company
4301 StephanieSolis   Kaiser
4302 FadiNajjar I love you Jess! Anything will be done to get my best friend back. Kaiser
4303 Ann MariePagan My prayers are going out to Jessica & her family. Blue Cross
4304 LorraineErtel-Graves It is a blessing and honor to support you and your family. I truly hope and pray that my signature will count to help you and your family. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and God's promises to us, I pray for miracle healing. RJ  
4305 RickeeTetherow We were just at the walk-a-thon yesterday, we never met Jessica before this event but we pray for her and her wonderfully, supportive family. Cigna
4306 TeiraAndreeff Devistating story. It's sickening that doctors and hospitals will not help more with this. You have my full support. Love from British Columbia  
4307 SeveraEscober Please keep Jessica a while longer at Valley Medical.  
4308 HollyWiswell   Kaiser Permanente
4309 MaryJones Keep the faith! Anthem Blue Cross
4310 LauraSwain I dont know Jessica, but i have been following her story and I keep up with her updates. You are a brave family and she is a lucky girl to have people who fight for her the way you have. i wish every miracle i can think of to head towards Jessica.  
4311 StephenArave do the right thing! support this girl! Kaiser
4312 SharifaThompson Praying for Jessica. Dont know her but saw a sticker on someone's car on my drive home. kaiser hmo
4313 sarahmc carhy    
4314 KimThompson   Blue Shield
4315 JaniceClare-Johnson   Kaiser
4316 rebeccajenkins i wish the Huse family all the best none
4317 veronicawilliams never give up nhs UK
4318 PAULMOED My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family Jessica - may G_D grant you a speedy and full recovery. Be strong  
4319 cialis suissecialis suisse Guestythype Antinnadali  
4320 PaulHarris I just started reading about Jessica. I wish I could do more, but this is a start. May God Bless you all and I will pray Jessica recovers as soon as possible. unknown
4321 KatrinaSimmons    
4322 debriffin Please give Jessica a Chance. Company Name
4323 jerrys    
4324 IsobelMcCalman Good luck Jessica Medicare