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Signatures for Give Jessica A Chance

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26 CarrieTerrazas PRAYING AS HARD AS I CAN . . . please feel the strength I am sending with all my might.  
27 KrisAvery I will continue to keep Jessica in my prayers :o) Kaiser
28 TeresaFerrero My heart and prayers go out to all involved. Please allow Jessica to continue her care/ healing where she is or in a facility that will give her around the clock loving professional care and allows her family to be by her side assisting in her care 24/7  
29 DawnPisciotta I think everyone needs as much time to recover as they need. It's with my deepest concern that after all this family and Jessica have been through that the insurance companies would do this to them or anyone else.  
30 SabrienaTobia I will pray for her recovery! Healthnet
31 JenniePfeffer   Anthem
32 VictorChang   Blue Cross Blue Shield
33 MatthewMarine get well soon Jessica! :)  
34 BrianPhillips    
35 MattSullivan   Blue Shield
36 SarahKompelien    
37 ToryLupinetti God bless you all, and you're in my prayers  
38 CatherineHickinbotham Thank God for parents like Lisa and Don! Continue the fight to keep Jess safe and on the road to recovery! Kaiser
39 ShirleySmith Please be patient and help give Jessica the time she needs to heal. She's not another number - she's a daughter, a friend, a girl who hasn't had a chance to live a full life yet. With more time - that can happen... Blue Cross/Blue Shield
40 KimmeeKrymer   Blue Shield
41 livapa'uli   blue shield
42 JackieFerrero Everyone deserves a second chance Valley Medical Center, imagine if one of you were in her place. Prays go out to you Huse Family. Jessica will be healed. none
43 TiffanyKeller Everyone who has been through a tramatic experience, deserves to live & live well. Jessica needs a chance to live well, after her horrible car crash. She is still making improvements on her health! Would you do this to your own daughter?  
44 MerrillDodd Have mercy on this young girl. She has a full life ahead of her if only you will give her the opportunity to take hold of it again. Thank you. Kaiser
45 MarciGallego-Laidlaw Sad to see that it comes down to the dollar.....! Please give this little girl a chance to live up to her potential!!!! HealthNet
46 JohnDell Jessica and her parents are great people who don't deserve what they're going through.  
47 JuddWood Please consider Jessica Huse to stay where she can heal and her parents can be local to take care of her. She is a precious life that deserves to recover fully so that God can use her to be an example of how God healed her.  
48 CarrieCaron Please give Jessica a chance! Kaiser
49 EricOwens   Blue Cross
50 JulisaEspinoza   blue sheild