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Signatures for Give Jessica A Chance

ID First Name Last Name Comments Medical Insurance Company
1 MichaelEhlenberger God Bless you Jessica. We're all praying and know you're going to keep making progress. Blue Shield of California
2 TrudyEhlenberger Please continue to help Jessica, so she can wake up and heal. Blue Shield of California
3 DarleneLanning   Blue Shield
4 NicoleSmith Jessica deserves time to heal! Kaiser
5 LeonardSmith   Kaiser
6 NicoleD'Angelo    
7 MerylKaiser Love you Jessica Blue Cross
8 DeAnnaRoss PLEASE help this family!! BC & BS
9 ChristineTraeg   Anthem Blue Cross
10 LeslieFehr   Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
11 GregVoss We need to help Jessica in any way we can. Blue Cross Blue Shield
12 DenaMiller Please help give Jess a second chance!! Blue Cross of CA
13 SusanFagin    
14 KailaGaffney   Kaiser
15 CorinneEspino   Kaiser
16 TimmReinhart    
17 DanaGreene   Healthnet
18 JanelleSalvatierra Good Luck Jessica - I will say a prayer that they keep you there with your parents help. God Bless you and all you have been thru Kaiser
19 RyanMoll   Blue Cross HMO
20 AnyaVines Please help this young lady. She deserves it.  
21 JenniferParker Jessica is such a great person, always caring for others and so faithful in the Lord. Please help her recover, too many people need her here! Kaiser
22 micheletovar Be an example of true humanitariasm and don't wait for reform, be the reform. Let Jessica be a success and walk out of your hospital when she is ready. Kaiser
23 MikeMarquez Please allow Jessica Huse to continue with the Journey to Recovery program at Vally Medical. Aetna
24 TammySchneider    
25 GloriaMoniz I pray this helps Kaiser